21420336 – Connecting Pipe

21420336 – Connecting Pipe

21420336 – Connecting Pipe

Decatra No : C502.03.001

Weight : 0,225 kg

Volvo Articulated Haulers
A40E Volvo, A40F Volvo, A40G Volvo, A45G FS Volvo, A60H Volvo, A40E FS Volvo, A40F FS Volvo, A40G FS Volvo, A45G Volvo

Volvo Excavator
s EC750E L Volvo, EC750D L Volvo, EC700B LC Volvo, EC700B HR Volvo, EC700C HR Volvo, EC700C L Volvo, EC700C LD Volvo, EC950E L Volvo

Volvo Marine & Industry
TAD1641VE, TAD1642VE, TAD1643VE, TAD1650VE, TAD1660VE, TAD1661VE, TAD1662VE, TAD1640VE-B, TAD1641VE-B, TAD1642VE-B, TAD1640GE, TAD1641GE
TAD1642GE, TWD1643GE, TAD1650GE, TAD1651GE, TWD1663GE, TWG1663GE, TWD1652GE, TWD1653GE, D16C-A MH, D16C-B MH, D16C-C MH, D16C-A MG, D16C-A MG RC

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