11031373 – Water Pump

11031373 – Water Pump

11031373 – Water Pump

Decatra No :  D607.03.007

Weight : 13,5 kg

Volvo Wheel Loaders

L180C HL Volvo BM, L180C Volvo BM, L180 Volvo BM, L180 HL Volvo BM, L180 CO Volvo BM, L180C CO Volvo BM, L150C LB Volvo, L180D HL Volvo, L220D Volvo, L180C CO Volvo, L150D Volvo, L180D Volvo, L150C Volvo, L150C Volvo BM, L180C HL Volvo, L150 Volvo BM, L180C Volvo

Volvo Articulated Haulers

A30C Volvo BM, A30 Volvo BM, A40 Volvo BM, A40 Volvo, A35C Volvo, A30C Volvo, A35C Volvo BM

Volvo Excavator

s EC650 Akerman, EC650 Volvo, EC390 Volvo, EC340 Volvo, EC450 Akerman, EC450 Volvo

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